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Aion is a Korean computer game MMORPG, created by the developer company NCSoft, which carries PvP and PvE in a balanced way. The system of battles in the game is based on the basis of PvPvE. Aion has more than 5.5 million fans worldwide.

What is so attractive about this gamer game? Of course, this is an exciting plot, mind-blowing graphics and a lot of settings for the character. After all, Aion gives the opportunity to create an image of the character, not just choosing ready templates from the database, but using advanced control and settings, changing the shape of the nose, eyes, color, height and other parameters. Thus, it is possible to achieve a similarity with a known person or with himself. Thanks to these tools, characters acquire absolutely individual images, recognizable in the gaming community.

One of the best versions is version 3.0 - "New Era", which presents the most consistent balance of the game and there are no controversial innovations. This update was carried out on Korean servers in 2011, and on Russian servers on March 13, 2012. The maximum "level" of pumping heroes was raised to 60, and all classes were added a range of new skills. New territories and an integrated server for newcomers have become available. Also, players have acquired peaceful lands: Elian and Fernon, where houses are located. Any character has the opportunity to acquire a personal living space. There were mounts.

The plot is plotted on the beautiful planet Atreia, where only good, harmony and love reigned, and the Tower of Eternity gave her a blessed light. So far, everything has not changed dramatically with the advent of the revived Balaur, an evil and power-hungry race that has neither a heart nor a soul. A brutal war began, the Tower of Eternity was demolished, and the planet split into 2 races: the Elyos and Asmodians. Once they were all human, but the war and the fall of the Tower divided Atreus into two parts, some people were transferred from the heart of the cataclysm to the southern part, and the second - to the north. In addition to the two game races, there are still, managed by artificial intelligence, balaur.

The tasks in the game are divided into 4 types: missions, tasks, sieges and orders. Missions lead the player on the storyline, which means they are obligatory for execution; in the course of their execution and advancement, new missions are opened. Tasks for the character - is, first of all, the opportunity to earn money, experience, things, weapons and stuff. Sieges - most often quests to kill opponents, appear automatically when you enter the desired zone. Execution of orders allows you to upgrade skills in crafts.

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TheAion is a reliable and responsible server for true connoisseurs of the game Aion and version [3.0]. Here you can truly discover your gaming potential and show what your character can do without cheating, donating and drawing.

A real live online player of 1300+. Only a live game, only your skills, only your victories by honest rules. Welcome to the harsh and beautiful game world of Atreia with the server "TheAion". Play with us! =)

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