How to start playing / downloading client files

Dear players!

1. To start the game on our server, you need to register an account and confirm it by mail. We do not have the concept of master accounts, register an account and, after entering the game, create characters.

2. For correct work of the client, we recommend downloading our client entirely, and not updating clients of other versions.

3. For the correct launch of the client and anti-cheat (which can cause distrust in your antivirus, in fact, there are no viruses or Trojans in the client), we recommend adding a folder with the game to the antivirus exceptions (checked on the AVG antivirus), if entering the folder with the game in excluding antivirus does not help (for example, in Avast, Dr.Web, Kaspersky and some others), you need either to remove the antivirus or install a proven (for example, AVG). If you do not have an antivirus, then you need to turn off Windows Defender, Smartscreen and Firewall.

[Option 1] If you have an existing client version of Aion 3.0

In this case, you can download the update: this archive (in it only 2 files, the weight of the archive 724kb) must be unpacked in the game folder and run the file TheAion_Updater_EN.exe. At the initial launch of the updater, it proves the missing files of our client and you can click the "Start" button (this button actually launches TheAion.exe). After that, our launcher (that is, TheAion.exe) will start, where there will be a form for entering the login and password. Next, the anti-cheat prompts you to download several files, for its correct operation, click "Yes, update", it downloads the files and you enter the game. If your antivirus has demolished some client files, you can make a folder with the game in the antivirus exceptions and run a full client scan using the "Check Files" button in the updater.

[Option 2] If there is no client Aion version 3.0

In this case, you need to download client 3.0 and run the update (TheAion_Updater.exe) to update the client to the current version. Download client server TheAion (client version 3.0) can be on the following links:


1. Torrent

From site:


Google Drive:


2. Direct link:

part 1: (4.2gb)

part 2: (4.2gb)

part 3: (4.2gb)

part 4: (2.9gb)

To unpack all parts of the archive, you need to download all 4 parts in one folder and unpack archive part 1.


Mega!bNR1wQ7A!oNWaSqPOAP0OEinw5DBwRUn... (4.0gb) [часть 1]!WI4iAaoS!luz4jEgXytl-dFwZigkYUag... (4.0gb) [часть 2]!2Np0mA7K!ATGlGKQak1PwNUEy82PD0pC... (4.0gb) [часть 3]!HNwCjSqa!abSvF9iKmOaNYKMs2OrLGd1... (2.73gb) [часть 4]


After downloading the torrent, you need to run TheAion_Updater_EN.exe and update the client to the current version. If you do not have an updater, then download it and unzip it to the root of the client:

You can start the game after updating the client by the updater, or by clicking on the "Start" button from the updater, or by manually launching TheAion.exe (after updating the client with the update client).

Guide to the game store (shop): (RU) (EN)

In case of problems with starting the game on our server, you can contact the mail:, as well as writing in the appropriate topic on the forum.

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