About the project


  • Professional server equipment in Moscow with a premium network
  • 24 hours server operation
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Anti-cheat and anti-ship system
  • Qualified technical support

Description of the project:

  • Experienced adult administration
  • Strict adherence to server rules
    Quality build of version 3.0
    Maximum implementation of PvE and PvP content
    Balanced economy
    High complexity and low rates x1
    Start "from scratch": achieve everything yourself!
    Game equality and the balance of all participants, Donat does not affect the balance of power
    Electronic store with the ability to purchase items that do not affect the balance of power in the game
    Premium accounts with x2
    Guarantee of long-term server operation

Server Rates and Premium Accounts:

  • Server rates [x1] for everything. Hardcore rewards for a real and long game
  • Premium accounts: races x2 for drop, kinah for quests, speed of pumping charges and handicrafts; + 10% crit chance

TheAion is a reliable and responsible server for true connoisseurs of the game Aion and version [3.0]. Here you can truly discover your gaming potential and show what your character can do without cheating, donating and drawing. Only a live game, only your skills, only your victories by honest rules. Welcome to the harsh and beautiful game world of Atreia with the server "TheAion". Play with us! =)

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