TheAion server rules / Regulations for accessing the GM

Server Rules


1. Mat, spam, caps (all chat rooms except private messages). Senseless flood in the world chat, which creates inconvenience to most users (it does not include fees for sieges and other events). Discussion of third-party servers.
Punishment: blocking the character's chat from 5 to 15 minutes, re-breaking up to 60 minutes.

2. Insulting other users, inciting hatred, threats, provocation (all chat rooms, except personal messages).
Penalty: Block the character's chat from 60 minutes to 48 hours. For violation in the message of a shop - a prison.

3. Any advertising activity, purchase and sale of the account, transfer of game values for real money.
Punishment: permanent blocking of character chat and seizure of all items sold, until the account is permanently blocked. Please note that the server is not allowed to change the account email, if access to the mail is lost, then access to the account is lost.

4. Use of profanity, or veiled mat in the game name of the character / name of the legion.
Punishment: rename the character / legion HGM-ohm, at his discretion, without issuing a coupon for renaming.

5. Impersonation of a representative of the administration or other administration, slander towards the administration, spreading rumors about the administration.
Punishment: from the prison for 12 hours before the blocking of the player's account.

6. Discussing game / server bugs.
Penalty: Block the character's chat from 60 minutes to 48 hours.

7. Use of game / server bugs, in order to obtain benefits, dupas. Concealing bugs. A remodel hiding the model of the character is also considered a bug.
Punishment: prison from 12 to 48 hours, removal of HGM items from the player's inventory, received with the help of a bug, in a double size.

8. Cooperation with people using server errors.
Punishment: prison from 6 to 48 hours.

9. Visiting enemy strongholds in the abyss: Frimuma and Taminon. Visit to enemy fortresses: "Fortress of Illusions of Ingison" and "Kelkmaros Fortress". Visiting enemy entrances by flying through a stream in the Oka Tiamaranta.
Punishment: 3 hours.

10. Overflow of the points of the abyss, contractual arenas.
Punishment: zeroing of the abyss points (including all relics) and removing all the arena icons.

11. Any modification of the game client, cheats, third-party software, botry, clicker and any other automation, for example: resource collection without the presence of the player at the computer.
Punishment: blocking the account of the player, for the collection of resources by the clicker, it is possible to zero the resource collection skills.

12. Deception of the administration.
Punishment: from a prison with an indefinite period, to blocking a player's account.

13. Mat, insult or threats towards the administration.
Punishment: a prison of 12 hours or blocking a player’s account (at the discretion of the Administration).

14. Dissemination of any information about the Project Administration (for example, Skype, page addresses in social networks, etc.).
Punishment: blocking all player accounts.

15. The appearance of negative comments about the server on various Internet resources and the project forum.
Punishment: blocking all player accounts.

16. Failure to comply with the game transaction related to the exchange of game values to the shop (gift). Deception.
Kinars are reimbursed only if they can be traced and confiscated from the fraudster. If the scammer's character level is below 50, the kinah is not reimbursed in any way. Be vigilant, scammers specifically conduct transactions with low-level characters and it is often impossible to track where the kinahs go. Conduct transactions only with the main character of the player.
Punishment: for petty fraud, the eternal blocking of the chat of all the characters of the fraudster, with a major fraud permanent blocking of all accounts.

17. Interference in the conduct of streams, any actions of players, to which streamers complain.
Punishment: blocking the character's chat from 3 to 6 hours or jail.

18. It is prohibited to publish correspondence with the administration without obtaining prior consent (texts, screenshots), regarding the administration's answers on any site (VC, forum, mail, etc.)
Punishment: blocking a player's account.

19. Actions that directly or indirectly violate the laws of the Russian Federation (including the call for the use of narcotic substances or the discussion of such substances in any form, the call for entry into terrorist organizations and / or discussion of organizations banned in the territory of the Russian Federation or the discussion of these organizations )
Punishment: blocking a player's account.

20. The administration reserves the right to create, delete and modify at any time these rules, without the need for prior notification of the players.

21. Running the game means unconditionally accepting server rules. Players agree to strictly follow the rules of the server. Ignorance of server rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation.

22. It is prohibited to interfere with server staff, provoke employees by creating provocative topics in the forum in the game, and it is also forbidden to troll, punish: from chat ban to permanent blocking of player accounts.

23. Attempts to troll the Server Administration are prohibited, for this violation the punishment is from 6 hours of prison to a permanent player's ban (at the discretion of the Administration).

24. All requests for changing the server's rules are accepted by e-mail support of the server:


Regulations for access to the GM

1. Treat respectfully, in the case, without third-party flooding, as much as possible clarifying your request.

2. The response time of the GM to your treatment in the forum is up to 3 days.

3. If you have a question about the game, then write on the forum in the LS GmAlina. If your appeal requires our immediate attention, then write to the game / privat GmAlina, / private Tiberius

4. If you have any requests for the work of the server or the GMs, the question of the general plan, advertising, donation (for example, bought a thing in the game store, but it did not come), then write to the administrator in support at

Violation of the regulations may result in punishment, from blocking the chat and prison, until the account is completely blocked.

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